Snickers publishes workwear catalogue

It features 200 pages of clothing for on-site

30 Aug, 19

Workwear brand Snickers has published its 2019 Snickers Workwear Catalogue, featuring its latest designs and fabric technologies.

Snickers publishes workwear catalogue


The 200-page catalogue features base layers, outer layers jackets and trousers for both professional tradesmen and women.

It includes the company’s AllroundWork, RuffWork, LitWork and FlexiWork clothing collections, which span trousers, jackets, tool vests, shirts, underwear and accessories

In addition, it also features a  range of EN-certified PPE working clothes.

Added to which, it highlights the street smart stretch fabrics which have been created for mobile comfort.

It also boasts layered clothing systems, so tradespeople on site can  choose clothes to suit the weather – rain or shine, wind or snow.

The standard range of clothing is complimented by Snickers Profiling and Embroidery services for personalisation and company branding.

Snickers Workwear was founded by electrician Matti Viio in 1975 because he was unhappy with quality of clothing for tradespeople.

A Swede of Finnish descent, he creating clothing to perform in the working conditions of Scandianvia and included holster pockets in the clothing and designed a tool vest.

In fact, the brand name of the company –  Snickers Workwear –  is derived from the Swedish word for carpenter – snickare.

Now, the company makes a range of workwear from trousers and jackets to sweatshirts, hoodies, base layers, polo shirts and t shirts.