Stelrad continues BIM investment

Concord range of radiators now added to BIMStore

21 Jan, 19

Radiator manufacturer Stelrad has continued to invest in BIM, now adding its latest Concord range.

Stelrad continues BIM investment

The company, which recently acquired Hudevad,  has embraced BIM since 2014.

For the past five years, it has continually added products to the BIMStore for architects, engineers and contractors to integrate into their projects.

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Architects and building designers simply select the product they want to use from BIMStore, drag it into their design document and drop it in place.

It allows those planning a project to visualise and use real components at the planning stage.

Stelrad continues BIM investment 1

Head of marketing at Stelrad Chris Harvey commented: “We’re stepping up our BIM involvement and broadening the range of products available.

“Architects have been providing CGIs for years to give an impression of how buildings will look.

“But to be able to utilise accurate 3D images of real projects that provide and extremely accurate rendering of how that building will really appear, offers huge benefits to them and to the building’s owners and funders.

“It’s now possible to visualise a building that hasn’t moved off the drawing board, in its final state, and to switch finishes in real time to include specified products that are on the system.

“We feel this is an exciting move for us as a business and we look forward to expanding the range of options available still further in the months ahead.”