Taps and showers move closer to Unified Water Label

Brassware manufacturer must register taps and showers to show 80% are using label

23 Jan, 19

Taps and showers have moved closer to a voluntary agreement on water labelling, according to the European Bathroom Forum (EBF).

Taps and showers closer to Unified Water Label

Unified Water Label director and CEO of the BMA Yvonne Orgill

Senior managing director of marketing at Roca Group and EBF chair Carlos Velazquez commented it is an important step towards the aim of having a Unified Water Label across Europe.

 A programme for taps and showers was supported by the European Commission department DG Environment.

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The European Bathroom Forum (EBF) has circulated details of a commitment that is required from the industry in order to create an acceptable Voluntary Agreement for taps and showers.

Unified Water Label director and CEO of the BMA Yvonne Orgill said: “This is a significant advancement forward for the industry but the real work starts now.

“Manufacturers must support us over the next two years, by registering all taps and shower products and making the UWL visible.

“A body will be formed to drive this forward so that an independent auditor can assess if the requirement that 80% of the market is using the UWL is achieved.”

Carlos Velazquez stated: “We all recognise that this is a huge task, but one the industry is more than capable of achieving.”

The next EBF meeting will take place in Brussels on Feb 5 to formally agree the commitment.