Tech firm unveils virtual interior designer

Virtual interior designer can understand client's wants and needs then create a plan within regulatory frameworks, optimising space

08 Oct, 18

Manchester-based tech business DigitalBridge has unveiled a virtual design assistant for kitchens and bathrooms, which it claims is a world first.

Tech firm unveils virtual reality interior designer

Are the days of designers numbered? Tech firm unveils virtual reality interior designer


The tool uses artificial intelligence to enable consumers to design rooms that make the best use of space, while conforming to regulatory requirements “just like a real designer”.

It has been created to understand the customer’s needs and tastes but “without the huge degree of hassle or expense that comes with enlisting a professional to implement the project”.

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Sourcing inspiration through platforms, such as Pinterest, it will determine if the user needs, for example, a family bathroom with storage.

It then helps to create a floor plan using 3D scanning and pulls together information, such as the project budget, to make relevant product suggestions.

The technology has been designed to integrate directly into a retailer’s website, so consumers can design and visualise their projects on any device.

According to DigitalBridge, it has been created to help retailers reduce friction and unknowns related to a home renovation project, in turn accelerating the purchasing process and sales.

CEO of DigitalBridge David Levine commented: “The current process for designing a new kitchen or bathroom is flawed; It’s painful, slow and full of friction.

“Consumer no longer need to wait to arrange that gap in their diary to visit a professional at the outset or be visited at home.

“Customers no longer need to feel overwhelmed by all the unknowns associated with renovating their homes, from measuring rooms to understanding budgets, which is slowing down purchases and leaving many projects abandoned.

“We’re excited to launch this new tool; the first technology of its kind to bring home renovation into the 21st Century and put customers in charge.”