Terri Pecora takes part in VitrA Meet the Designer talks

Second in the YouTube series which also features a discussion with Arik Levy

02 Jul, 20

Milan-based American designer Terri Pecora will take part in VitrA’s Meet the Designer series with the brand’s design director Erdem Akan today (July 2) at 7pm GMT+1.

Terri Pecora takes part in VitrA Meet the Designer talks

The talk will be livestreamed on VitrA’s YouTube channel at 7pm GMT+1 and will revolve around Pecora’s career from furniture and bathroom product design, through to retail interiors.

She will reflect on the present and future of the design industry, while exploring the designer’s collaboration with VitrA – the Plural range which was showcased in the UK at DesignJunction in 2018.

It is based on the heritage of communal bathing spaces and rituals, making the bathroom a social hub.

The talk will be moderated by Erdem Akan who have overseen VitrA’s design initiatives, projects and conceptualisation since his appointment in 2014.

Under his design lead, VitrA has collaborated with designers such as Arik Levy, Claudio Bellini and Sebastian Conran.

Erdem Arkan commented: “We are delighted to continue our ‘Meet the Designer’ series with Terri Pecora. It’s essential for us to maintain a constructive, regular dialogue with the creative community to create new methodologies and solutions that respond to the recent evolution of the bathroom rituals in such extraordinary circumstances.”

The first instalments of “Meet the Designer” feature Arik Levy and Terri Pecora and will be followed with talks from Claudio Bellini and other designers who have collaborated with the brand in recent years.