The Heating Company rebrands as Vasco Group

07 May, 14

Radiators, floor heating and ventilation all marketed under Vasco brand

Owner of Vasco, The Heating Company will now market its entire product range under the name of its flagship radiator brand.

Until now, The Heating Company grouped the radiator brands Vasco, Burgman, Thermic and Superia, as well as floor heating and ventilation systems under the Vasco name. Vasco will now cover the entire range of designer and panel radiators, towel radiators, floor heating and ventilation systems.

CEO Patrick Nijs, who took the helm of the company almost 12 months ago, explained: “As it was, Vasco enjoyed higher brand awareness than The Heating Company but there’s more to this operation than a simple name change. In an age where climate technology is evolving at an ever-faster pace, innovation will become key to business success and we intend to play a pioneering role in this regard. Vasco already enjoys a strong reputation as a high-quality design label ‘made in Belgium’. So it was a logical choice.”

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He added: “In addition, we’re cutting production costs, marketing will become less complicated and there’s more room for product development. Still, this doesn’t mean we are dumping our strong brands overnight. Initially, we’re simply adding the byline ‘a Vasco brand’ as a kind of quality label.”