Thomas Crapper sold to Hartford Holdings

18 Mar, 16

Thomas Crapper returns to being Yorkshire-owned under a Hudderfield-based bath manufacturer

Huddersfield-based bath manufacturer Hartfold Holdings, which owns Trojan Plastics, Aquacast Bathrooms, Batheasy and Simply Solutions, has acquired Thomas Crapper for an undisclosed sum.

It will be the first branded offer supplied by the family-firm, which employs more than 165 people and has grown from £16.4million to more than £22million in the past four years.

Founded by Thomas Crapper of Thorne, Doncaster, Thomas Crapper & Company has a turnover of £1million, employs seven people and is based at Stratford upon Avon, where it will remain.

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Paul Dwyer, who has more than 30 years’ experience working for brands within the bathroom industry, has been appointed managing director of Thomas Crapper.

He will work alongside Hartford Holdings managing director David Mosley and his brother director Adam Mosley.

Commenting on the news of the buyout, David Mosley said: “To say we’re delighted to be welcoming the Thomas Crapper brand to Hartfold Holdings would be an understatement – the news marks a pivotal moment in our business development as we strengthen our portfolio with a new consumer brand.”

He continued: “There has been a resurgence in the traditional bathroom market over the last few years both in the UK and abroad. I cannot think of a more quintessential British brand that will allow access to overseas markets including Northern American, Russia, China and India. Thomas Crapper has a very real history and one that stands above all others.

“We’ve very passionate about British manufacturing and British brands, and as the bathroom market continues to go from strength to strength we’re looking forward to continuing to build on the institution that Thomas Crapper has become.”

Managing director of Thomas Crapper & Company, Paul Dwyer added: “Not many brands have built a worldwide reputation for manufacturing quality goods over a 155-year period, but it’s testament to Thomas Crapper & Company that they’ve managed to do exactly that.”

However, he added the company would be looking to grow the brand through new product development.” Dwyer concluded: “I am delighted to have the opportunity to take this company to the next level.”