Tina Riley steps down as KBSA Chair

02 Mar, 17

Richard Hibbert of KSL in Suffolk takes on national chair for retail role

Chair for retail members at the KBSA, Tina Riley of Modern Homes has stepped down from the role and will be succeeded by Richard Hibbert, owner of KSL in Suffolk.

She held the position for two years and when taking the role made the decision to resign in 2017, so she could spend time in her business to prepare for its 50th anniversary and her 40th year in the business.

Tina commented: “It has been an honour to act as chair for the KBSA. As an association we are continually evolving and I leave knowing that there is a strategy in place to ensure future growth and the development of services and support for the independent retailer. “It is time for a younger generation to carry on the work we have started and I know Richard’s passion for the industry will stand us in good stead.”

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Richard Hibbert has been in the industry for 15 years and been a member of the KBSA board for the past three years.

Acting KBSA CEO and consultant Uwe Hanneck said: “We are delighted to welcome Richard into the role of chair and would like to extend our thanks to Tina for her consistent hard work and commitment to the KBSA.”