TKC launches finance solution to help retailers win business

TKC has teamed up with Ideal4Finance.

15 Jun, 20

TKC has teamed up with Ideal4Finance, giving its retailers the ability to offer consumers credit terms at highly competitive rates in a move designed to help them stimulate and win business.

The initiative is being communicated to retailers now and is one of many that the company is planning to launch in its support of retailers and manufacturers as the economy emerges from lockdown.

TKC has partnered with Ideal4Finance and has negotiated improved terms for TKC customers including lower upfront charges and a commission scheme with the ability to make it cost neutral to TKC’s customer. Competitive APR rates from as low as 2.9%, and credit terms for the consumer running from 12 to 60 months, will make kitchens more affordable to more people.

Neil Taggart, marketing manager at TKC, says: “This finance solution is aimed at helping retailers stimulate business by being able to offer an affordable way to spread the cost of kitchen, while also enabling them to compete with the nationals who already have consumer credit facilities in place.

“We believe that post lockdown, and with limited ability to travel, that consumers will look to spend money on their home which has become a valued safe haven. We want to help retailers in practical ways that will allow them to focus on selling and marketing their business and researching a reputable finance partner is one less thing for them to do.”

To participate, the retailer’s business will first be approved by the finance company and then individual customers go through a credit checking process before acceptance. Consumers receive a soft approval immediately and then a full confirmation between two hours and five days.