Top 20 bathroom trends on Instagram

Research reveals most posts and greatest likes for bathrooms trends

18 Oct, 19

Research commissioned by Harvey Water Softeners has revealed the top 20 bathroom design trends on social media.

Top 20 bathroom trends from Instagram

@devondevon_official image picks up on the top Instagram trends for freestanding oval baths, white tiles and geometric tiles

The top 50 posts, from over 3.3.million images across five hashtags, were analysed to see which interior design features appeared frequently in each individual post.

According to the research, the  top 20 bathroom design trends, in order of frequency in posts, are as follows:

  1. Pure white tiles
  2. Dual basins
  3. Devil’s Ivy hanging plant
  4. Freestanding oval baths
  5. Geometric tiles
  6. Circular mirrors
  7. Rainfall showers
  8. Gold taps
  9. Black taps
  10. In-shower recessed shelving
  11. Silver taps
  12. Boho rugs
  13. Marble basins
  14. Woven baskets
  15. Floating sinks
  16. Gold-framed enclosures
  17. Rustic pine shelves
  18. Black-framed mirrors
  19. Black shower door
  20. Black towel rails

And the data revealed how many likes each design features could get in an average post.

Out of these 20 design trends, the top  five likes were Geometric tiles, with 4,668 likes, followed by Boho rugs with 3,638 likes.

Gold-framed mirrors came third with 3,205 likes followed by marble basin with 3,125 likes.

Completing the five most-liked looks was black shower door with 3,190 likes.

Interior designer from Naomi Nunn discussed the findings of the most popular features, commenting: “More and more people are embracing colour in the bathroom, so I’m a bit surprised that white tiles are so prominent on Instagram.

“It’s no surprise, however, that Devil’s Ivy is so popular as people are finding various new ways to embrace nature into their daily lives.

“Freestanding baths are also very coveted, they are really a wishlist or luxury item and with space being at a premium, companies are introducing more compact versions allowing more people to embrace this dream at home.”

She continued: “For those that aren’t set on colourful bathrooms, the black trend just won’t stop!”

Managing director at Harvey Water Softeners Martin Hurworth explains how the trend for highly visual bathroom and black supports sales for his company: “Bathrooms are a huge investment and whether we want them looking perfect for visitors in real life, or those viewing our home through apps like Instagram, it’s important we keep them spotless.

“Having a water softener removes this problem by eliminating the minerals which cause limescale, saving all of us time and money.

“Pipes will be free from limescale, too, meaning you don’t have to spend as much on fixing problems on top of a full refit, which could cost anywhere from £10,000 upwards!

“All Instagram trends from the geometric tiles, golden taps, oval baths and rainfall showers will benefit from soft water, even it it’s something as simple as keeping that deluxe black-framed shower door streak free for longer.”