Traymate now distributed nationally

13 Apr, 18

Traymate UK will be sold through Barwicks and Claygate

Traymate UK has announced its brand will now be available nationally through its partnership with a north and south distributor.

Its shower trays will now be sold through Barwick Bathroom Distribution in Bradford which will cover the north of the country, and Claygate Distribution in Kent who will handle the south.

Traymate will also launch a consumer marketing campaign with the hope of highlighting the benefits of its product range to the wider market.

Chairman of Traymate Steve Rance commented: “This is an incredibly important piece of the jigsaw for us as a company. We’re already well-known and recognised ‘behind the scenes’ in the industry for our innovative products, thanks in no small part to the hard work of our key partners, but with this announcement we’re looking to take that recognition to the next level.”

Clive Bonefaas, national sales director for Traymate, added: “This market campaign is aimed squarely at educating potential customers in the benefits of buying into our product range, but whether that’s via our OEM partners, or under our own TMUK brand isn’t important to us – the key thing for us is to explain the superiority of the product range, set out the differences between us and our competitors, and establish our credentials as the market-leading manufacturer of 25mm ultra-low profile shower trays.”