Tristone introduces loyalty scheme

02 Jul, 15

Pallet points sees dealers presented money-off voucher each month

Worktop supplier Tristone has launched a cash back loyalty point scheme to reward its customer base.

Dubbed ‘Pallet Points’, the scheme provides customers with points every time they purchase a sheet of Tristone and each ‘Pallet Point’ is worth £1.

At the end of every month, all ‘Pallet Points’ accrued during that same month are presented as a voucher to the customer. These points are valid for one month and apply to all Tristone sheets.

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Managing director of Tristone Surfaces Howard Noh said: “We value our customers very highly, so want to give something back to them. Their loyalty and custom is greatly appreciated so we’re excited about the loyalty system we’ve introduced.”

Tristone acrylic solid surfaces are claimed to offer non-porous, bacteria and stain resistant technology, can be repaired, and come in over 30 colours.