Vestel sets safety standards for cooling

13 Oct, 17

Metal backed upgrade available to OEM retailers from January 2018

Set to launch a UK safety initiative for cooling, OEM appliance manufacturer Vestel is offering all its retail partners the opportunity to update the back panelling of their ranges from aluminium foil to non-combustible metal at cost price from January 2018. 

Ahead of forthcoming EU safety legislation, Vestel already switched most of its production to fire-resistant aluminium foil back panelling, as an alternative to Petroleum-based polypropylene.

If follows a call by Which? for manufacturers to stop making cooling appliances with non-flame retardant plastic backing.

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Now the metal-backed option is being produced for Vestel’s customers, offering fire-proof insulation for the electrical components at the back of all refrigeration models.

Head of OEM white goods at Vestel, Matthew Riley commented: “For us, this was a really important move to make. We’re deeply committed to product safety and recognised that, in the case of cooling, it’s become a particularly high profile issue. We have already committed to producing aluminium foil-backed cooling, which can extinguish an applied flame within 30 seconds.

“The next logical step for us is to make it as easy as possible for our retailers to set even higher standards of product safety with our metal back panelling. To this end, we’re not setting any conditions or time limits on our offer. We’ll continue to raise industry standards by supporting and working with our retailers.”