Virtual Worlds reports record sales

Record retailer users and numbers of manufacturers joining the CAD database

06 Jan, 21

According to CAD supplier Virtual Worlds, kbb retailers have been using its software more than ever before, reporting record sales.

Virtual Worlds reports record sales


Since the end of 2019, the company has recorded over 64,000 uses per month, with 680,000 product catalogue downloads from its network of retailers across 121 brands in the last 12 months.

It’s also a year that saw a record number of manufacturers adding their catalogues to Virtual Worlds database, states the CAD supplier.

In 2020, the company welcomed 15  brands for its 3D and 4D software, including Davroc, Qualitex, Impey, Burbidge, MyLife and SBH Radiators.

Brand marketing manager at Impey Neil Whitehead commented: “Partnering with Virtual Worlds at Kbb 2020 and collaborating throughout the year was a natural progression for the Impey brand.

“Our shared vision of the importance of creative design tools in showroom environments was pivotal. We continue to see strong growth across our retail network and are committed to support displaying outlets that invest in people and design technology.”

Managing director of Virtual Worlds Nathan Maclean said the CAD software was “an integral tool for retailers”, stating the pandemic has brought to the fore the need to embrace the digital age.

He said: “With Virtual Worlds retailers are doubling conversion rates and increasing order values, while three in four consumers who have experienced the software say they wouldn’t buy a kitchen or bathroom without it.

“For manufacturers, adding their catalogues to Virtual Worlds enables retailers and consumers to fully interact with their products, bringing them to life in a way that is simply not comparable to print brochures.

“It has been a year of growth for Virtual Worlds, made possible by the level of support we give our retailers to ensure they have everything they need at set-up and with ongoing assistance, all despite the very challenging times we are living through.”

The company recently launched a Design Hub to provide a bathroom or kitchen design service for retail showrooms who were in need of temporary support to cover holiday, illness or an immediate skills gap.