VitrA presented European environment award

05 Dec, 14

First Turkish company to win a European Business Award for the Environment

Part of parent company Eczac?ba?? Building Products, VitrA has been awarded the European Business Award for the Environmen (EBAE) in the management category and it is the first Turkish company to win an EBAE award since the start of this award programme in 1987.

It was presented the award for its sustainability management system; Blue Life which forms the production, design and management approach of the VitrA brand. It aims to minimise the consumption of non-renewable resources during manufacturing and water consumption of end-users through product design.

Earlier this year, Eczac?ba?? Building Products won the Turkish leg of this competition organised by the Regional Environment Centre-Turkey, the national secretariat of the awards programme. Winning the national competition is a pre-requisite for competing in the European competition.

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Dr. Erdal Karamercan, president and CEO of the Eczac?ba?? Group accepted the award on Eczac?ba?? Building Products’ behalf at the award ceremony in Lyon, France.

In his acceptance speech, Dr. Karamercan said, “Sustainability is an integral component of Eczac?ba?? Building Products’ corporate culture. This is the context in which we developed Blue Life as the driver of our design, production and management processes. Jointly developed and implemented by all our employees, from purchasing officers to R&D experts and production planning personnel to product managers, this management system ensures that we take integrated steps in all matters.”

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