VP of design at Grohe advises on bathroom trends

05 Dec, 14

Water efficiency, blurring bedroom boundaries and extending brand

In an exclusive interview at Sleep, vice president of design at Grohe Paul Flower offered his views of future trends influencing bathroom design and hinted at what the brand will be launching at ISH in March.

He identified water conservation and the merger of bedroom and bathroom spaces, as has happened with the kitchen and dining room, as key trends influencing product design.

Flower explained reducing water use without ruining the experience of using the bathroom has seen the introduction of dynamo power for taps and will continue to see digital brassware with pre-set functions play their role.

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And he commented that the newly combined bathroom and bedroom area has influenced material choice in the joint space, saying “The space is becoming softer and we will start to see new colours and new finishes coming in as the bedroom and bathroom come together.”

Giving an insight into what Grohe will be launching at ISH in March 2015, Flower  said: “As a brand, you’ll see us looking at the room holistically, not just looking at a faucet or a piece of ceramic. We are looking at creating an entire experience – a sensorial experience.”

The company, which has been acquired by Lixil will enable Grohe to extend its brand, as it can leverage knowledge and experience from other companies in the group. Flower commented: “Lixil have a very rich history and amazing technology in their products and as we look at the entire group and what we can start to do in the bathroom, that’s when it becomes really exciting for us.”