WRAS approval for Abode instant hot water taps

Complying with regulations for newbuild and refurbishment projects

21 Oct, 19

Abode 4-in-1 steaming hot water taps, filters and boilers have now been granted full WRAS approval  across the range.

WRAS approval for Abode instant hot water taps


WRAS is the UK standard against waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the water supply.

The WRAS approval means Abode Pronteau and Proboil products comply with regulations for new build and refurbishment projects.

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Abode Pronteau mixers deliver limescale-free, filtered cold and 80-98º filtered steaming hot water, on demand.

At 98º Pronteau delivers water which not only complies with WRAS requirements, but also meets Part G building regulations.

Abode Pronteau 4-in-1 taps also feature a patented child safe Hotkey function to prevent accidental hot water delivery.

Hot water will not be dispensed unless the Hotkey is placed in proximity to the front of the tap.

The 360º spout has been designed so itremains cool and safe to touch, as the hot water runs through a central channel of the spout.

Also WRAS approved is the ProBoil3, a self-diagnostic boiler with a 3kW element delivering over 50 cups an hour.

It also features an automatic eco-mode, which has been created so running costs remain low.

The tank, which sits under the sink, is manufactured from stainless steel to avoid tainted water tastes from copper or plastics.

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