Zuccheti.Kos presented Good Design Award

18 Dec, 14

Diego Grandi-designed Closer shower head awarded Chicago Anthenaeum honours

The Closer shower head, designed by Diego Grandi for Zucchetti, has been presented the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum.

Good Design Awards are presented each year and Closer was chosen out of 700 entries from 36 countries.

Closer takes its aesthetic influences from a lamp and features a cylindrical counterweight, so it is stable in a variety of positions.

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CEO of Zucchetti. Kos, Elena Zucchetti commented: “We are very proud to receive once again a Good Design Award, this time for Closer. From the beginning, we have believed in this product so innovative and unique. We have invested great resources in its project, implementation and communications, always working closely with Diego Grandi.

“I am convinced, in fact, that by nature the industrial design cannot derive by the inspiration of a single person, but it is the result of the synergistic collaboration of a team of people who, with their skills and knowledge contribute to the formulation and implementation of the project.

“This important recognition encourages us, once again, to continue our commitment in the search for new and original content, because innovation, design and quality are the main values of our company since ever.”

Zucchetti.Kos appeared earlier this year at 100% Design, with its Matteo Thun-designed tap, Savoy.