Antonio Lupi introduces Lumen

Overhead shower with chromatherapy

06 Jul, 18

Designed by Marco Pisati,  for Italian bathroom manufacturer Antonio Lupi, is the Lumen overhead shower.

Lumen features chromotherapy, as it boasts an illuminated nucleus, surrounded by nozzles in a hemispherical shell.

Antoni Lupi introduces Lumen

It creates a jet of water from the peripheral nozzles which converges in the centre of the showerhead.

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When not in use the LED lighting illuminates the perimeter ring, rather than the middle of the showerhead, or can be turned off.

Made from stainless steel, Lumen measures 600mm in diameter.

It forms part of a bathroom collection, which spans sanitaryware, shower trays, taps, and includes Corian basins and baths in a matt finish.

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