Antonio Lupi unveils Vitreo and Opale

Cristalmood basins come in a choice of 10 colours

31 May, 19

Italian bathroom manufacturer Antonio Lupi has unveiled two washbasins, designed by architect and designer Carlo Colombo, Vitreo and Opale.

Antonio Lupi unveils Vitreo and Opale 1

Following on from its Albume collection, made from coloured Cristalmood, the company has now introduced Opale and Vitreo.

The name Opale directly refers to the geometry and the infinite reflections offered by precious stones.

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It is available made entirely from translucent Cristalmood or entirely from marble, such as Bianco Carrara marble or Nero Maquina. Opale is even offered in a combination of marble pedestal and Cristalmood basin.

Available in a choice of two styles, a decagonal shape or traditional rounded for a top-mounted model, designers can also choose from two styles of freestanding pedestals.

The pedestals come in either cylindrical or prismatic shapes, to complement or contrast with the form of the basin.

Antonio Lupi unveils Vitreo and Opale

Unlike the two-piece Opale, the freestanding Vitreo basin is made from a single block of Cristalmood and has been designed to present a sense of lightness to a space.

It features a decagonal shape and, alike the Opale, comes in a choice of 10 colours.

Antonio Lupi has recently explored the use of colour in lighting with the launch of Lumen.

Carlo Colombo has also worked with other “Made in Italy” brands such as Flexform, Poliform, Cappellini, Cartier and Bugatti Home.