BC Designs | Chalice Minor

Adding to the company's freestanding bath offer

01 Sep, 20

UK bath manufacturer BC Designs has strengthened its freestanding offer with the introduction of  Chalice Minor.

BC Designs | Chalice Minor

The acrylic bath has a 240-litre capacity and features a slim rim and no tap ledge to provide a large bathing space.

Made using the Acrymite system, Chalice Minor is formed of an inner and outer acrylic sheet and offers a glossy finish.

The sheets are formed seamlessly, so there are no visible join lines and there is no gel coat on the outside of the bath, to enable scratches to be removed.

Chalice Minor measures 1650mm, 900mm wide and has a depth of 590mm.

BC Designs has brought back all its staff from furlough and has resumed full operations to support UK sales and overseas demand.

Established in 1999 by British designer Barrie Cutchie, BC Designs has been manufacturing baths for over 30 years.