Copycat cabinets

03 Sep, 14

Charlotte Blackburn takes a look at the continuing influence of kitchen furniture on bathroom storage

Once reserved only for the larger bathroom, furniture has now become a necessity in even the smallest of rooms. And with a seemingly endless array of lotions, potions and cleaning products, the demand for storage is unabated. Of course, the most popular piece of furniture for the bathroom remains the vanity unit. No change there. But it’s easy to see why as it offers storage in what can otherwise be a wasted space. But quickly catching up is the tall unit. It not only provides an additional sale to a vanity but provides additional storage in a small bathroom.


Copying kitchen furniture

Bathroom furniture is very much influenced by the designs which have come through on the kitchen, from wall-hung styling to the latest cabinet decors. White high gloss remains a safe bet – albeit at the lower end of the market. However with a move towards more natural influences in the kitchen, the bathroom environment has followed suit.Interestingly, it’s not just the external appearance of bathroom furniture which is influenced by kitchens but inside the cabinet too. Storage components are beginning to transfer to the bathroom.

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Furniture future

Last year, Kitchens & Bathroom News reported bathroom furniture sales would increase by 7.5%. And great news for kitchen designers and specifiers, marketing manager of Laufen, Sarah Holey believes forthcoming sales could be even better.Added to refurbishments, consumers adding another bathroom to their home could boost sales but certainly furniture is going to play an important part in bathroom sales going forward.


The complete feature first appeared in the July/August 2014 issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.