Crosswater | Crossbox Push

Bathroom brand Crosswater has introduced Crossbox Push, a single, universal installation box with multiple trims

19 Nov, 20

Following on from the launch of Crossbox – a single, universal installation box with multiple trim designs – bathroom brand Crosswater has now introduced Crossbox Push.

Crosswater | Crossbox Push

Available in a two or three outlet variant, Crossbox Push features a rotary temperature control and, as its name suggests, push-button operation.

It features Neoperl ABS push buttons and Vernet thermostatic cartridge, with Fluhs 45 rotation for water flow adjustment.

Designed to be easy to install, with a single, universal installation core, the Crossbox Push has a depth of 16.5mm.

It also has an ‘Easy Switch’ module for water flow reversal if the feeds are plumbed the wrong way around.

Crossbox Plus, from Crosswater, comes in a choice of five MPro trim sets, including white (as shown).