Deluge-sions of grandeur

28 Jun, 13

A drenching shower needn’t be confined to a premium price budget, Philippa Turrell explains

Since much of the shower environment is minimal, with built-in valves, wetroom floors and frameless glass, the overhead showerhead can become a focal point in the bathroom, creating a luxurious, hotel-look. These stylish showerheads not only add to aesthetics but feature powerful water flows and provide the much sought after spa-like experience. So it’s no surprise, then, sales of the deluge shower have “increased significantly over the past five years”, says marketing manager of Robert Lee Distribution Matt Earle. 


Sales floored by water efficiency?

But with a growing popularity for drencher showers, it suggests a greater use of water, and flies in the face of water efficiency which is driving new build home design.  However, industry experts says a deluge does not have to be responsible for using a lot of water. Janet White of Aqualisa counters: “I think a ‘deluge’ showerhead is as much about the styling and waterfall type of showering experience as the volume of water that is used. Theoretically, a standard handshower could deliver just as much water as a deluge showerhead, but it’s more about that feeling of a totally luxurious clourdburst of warm, invigorating water.” 

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Digital to drive

At the top-end of the market, deluge showering means more than just water – it’s means an experience including music, aroma and colour. And this is increasingly controlled digitally. James Blood of Grohe UK says. “The digital revolution has begun. In the next 10 years digital technology will not only change how we interface with water but it will introduce personal lifestyle and health functions such as diagnostics, which measure and monitor the status of our mental and physical health. Lighting, projection and sound will bring ‘entertainment’ into the room and one would expect to see a reduction in the amount of water needed to provide a great experience and secondary uses for the water leaving the room.”

The full article appeared in the XXXX 2013 issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News