Double whammy

10 Feb, 14

What is driving sales of dual head showers?

As the old saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ and that certainly rings true in shower sales. The market for shower models with dual showerheads (either an overhead combined with handshower or with body jets), is blossoming. Of course, the popularity of the dual head shower could be attributed to its stand-out appeal. And, in part, this would be true. The dual head shower certainly has a luxurious look. This, together with a choice of waterflow from not one but two outlets, delivers the decadent, spa-like environment which is frequently on the wish list of consumers.

Suiting wider audience

However, it’s not looks alone which is encouraging consumers to buy showers with both an overhead and handset. Experienced shower purchasers are now looking for added functionality and whereas the focus may once have solely been on the overhead, they now have recognised the flexibility of two outlets. And this choice of spray meets the demand of a wider bathing audience.While a large overhead may offer a covetable deluge showering experience, it may not be suitable for each and every occasion. A powerful flow may be welcomed by adults but children or the older generation may find it more difficult to withstand the force. For homes with small children or elderly relatives staying over, the option of an additional handset means one shower can suit all. 

Easy trade up

And what’s great news is the dual head shower provides a trade-up for bathroom retailers and designers, as they carry a higher price tag. But that does not mean they are only an option for the most  affluent, as there are now models to suit all consumer pockets. So now many more retailers and designers can benefit their client, encourage trade up and add to their bottom line by adding a dual head shower to a bathroom specification. And they can choose from an array of dual head models, from a shower kit including overhead and hand shower, through to separate head, hand shower and perhaps even body jets. The advent of digital showering has enabled consumers to build their own multi-outlet showers and continued strides in technology also mean consumers wanting the look and functionality of dual shower heads don’t have to suffer double the hot water usage or an exorbitant increase in energy bills. Shower manufacturers have worked to create models which provide a great experience but which still use water efficiently. 

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Supporting three generations 

But ultimately will the dual head showers end up as an interior fashion trend  which will soon date? Industry experts believe dual shower heads are only going to grow in popularity. So the shower applauded for being ‘suitable for everyone’ looks a cert to become a must have in bathrooms, particularly if the environment has to cater for more than one generation. And in a market where there is a shortage of affordable homes, expensive childcare and homes for the elderly, multigenerational living is not only becoming a reality. It could also be a significant trend for future bathroom design.

This article appears in full in the February issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News