Shower enclosures: Explore emerging glass trends

We take a look at coloured, textured and shaped glass for showering surrounds and ask will these form the looks for the bathrooms of tomorrow?

04 Dec, 23

We take a look at the emerging trends for coloured, textured and shaped glass for shower enclosures and ask will these form the looks for the bathrooms of tomorrow?

A Glass Act: How glass choice can make a shower enclosure sale

Kudos Showers Ultimate10 wet room panels are now available in tinted, colour glass with four options


With shower surround suppliers vying for attention in the competitive landscape of large, plain glass enclosures and Brushed Brass profiles, the choice of glazing has now come to the fore.

Forget the Victoriana modesty panels of old and welcome in textured, coloured and even shaped showering panels.

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It may be a relatively new trend but could be one that finds sales traction, as personalisation is growing in importance in home design.

Certainly, that’s the view of showering product manager of Bathrooms to Love from PJH, Richard Eaton who comments: “The personalisation trend is driving the demand for greater glazing choices in the showering sector. This can be through glazing colour, finish or texture.”

And interestingly this availability of choice spans across large shower enclosures, through to overbath surrounds.

Fluted textures

The move away from expanses of clear glass started with the Crittal-style shower surrounds, and it has since been joined by a variety of textured glass.

A Glass Act: How glass choice can make a shower enclosure sale 1

The RefleXion Iconix Fluted Glass Wetroom Panel from Bathrooms to Love, by PJH, is available with a Black, Brushed Brass or Chrome profile


Majestic introduced its Art Glass in four textures; Carved, Rock, Ice and Fluted glass.

And fluted glazing is now available from Roman, The Shower Lab, Scudo, as well as PJH’s Bathrooms to Love brand and is frequently an option extending across showering surround models.

Richard Eaton of PJH comments: “The use of textured or ribbed glass in bathroom design is increasingly steadily, creating the perfect balance between visibility and privacy.”

He continues: “Fluted glass adds a touch of elegance and visual interest to the showering space, diffusing the light to create interesting shadows and patterns.

“It adds depth to the space and offers a timeless decorative element, capable of complementing many design styles.”

In fact, such has been the growth in interest, managing director of Roman Showers David Osborne says fluting is fast becoming a must-have for high-end bathroom showrooms.

Earlier this year, he  explained: “Fluted glass is particularly more desirable to those intent on interior design plans.

“Plain glass options are still proving to be a popular choice with consumers, but this is changing quite dramatically.”

Shape shifting

In addition to texture, there has also been a return of shape with Art Deco inspired fans, arcs and curves re-entering bathroom interiors.

Matki | Arch Wet Room Panel 1

The Eauzone Arch Wetroom Panel, from Matki, is made from 10mm low iron safety glass with easy clean technology, and can be chosen in tinted or satin/frosted finishes.


Joining straight line geometry has been more rounded shapes, as Matki has introduced an enclosure with curved vertical edge – Eauzone Matki Radius 20 – and most recently an arched wetroom panel.

Managing director of Matki UK Nicholas Cunild says: “The Eauzone Arch Wet Room Panel offers discerning customers the opportunity to indulge in something delightfully different.” It can be chosen in plain, satinised and even tinted glass.

Colour splash

It brings us neatly to the colour story also developing in the showering glass space. Think satin, smoked, tinted, metallic mesh, and even the rainbow variations of Dichroic glass.

The Shower Lab | Diochroic glass

The Shower Lab has introduced Dichroic glass as an option for its enclosures, such as the View 11


Kudos Showers has recently added coloured glass to its portfolio. However, interestingly, sales and marketing director of Kudos Showers Nick Graville explains it is not being driven by consumers demand but as an additional design option, as he comments: “It is not a consumer demand but a designer driven trend that offers additional personalisation for the consumer.

“Coloured or tinted glass panels also complement some of the latest popular profile colours like Brushed Brass or Matt Black.”

More than merely an interior fashion statement, colour can also provide the added functionality of a modesty panel.

Marketing manager of Saniflo Amanda Mills comments: “The option to create a focual point using the shower glass is one of the reasons that customers like patterns.”

However she adds: “Privacy can be paramount for some customer and an obscured shower door is a great way to feel comfortable if someone else has access to the bathroom.”

It can also provide an upsell opportunity, as Nick Graville adds: “Coloured glass is a more expensive option, so the retailer/designer will make more monetary margin.”

Thick of it

While it may be early to tell the sales impact of coloured, textured or shaped glass on shower surround sales, it could certainly be a trend to watch.

Majestic | Art Glass

Art Glass from Majestic is a range of bespoke screens in a choice of four designs for residential or commercial bathrooms.


Amanda Mills states: “While transparent glass definitely remains the popular option, customers looking for something a little different are now looking at glazing options.”

Until then, it is the likes of anti-limescale treatment or thickness of glass which remains a differentiator between shower enclosures.

Nick Graville concludes: “From an upsell point point of view, the thickness and therefore weight of the glass door and closing mechanism conveys that of a better quality product.”