Sizing up Zero

18 Mar, 14

Kelly Hoppen MBE talks exclusively to Kitchens & Bathrooms News about KHZero for Crosswater

Q: What was your design brief or what were you asked to achieve with the design of the KH Zero brassware ranges?

A: To create modern, affordable and dependable designed taps that can be used in any bathroom in any residential, hotel or commercial application

Q: Could you describe your signature style, and explain how the KH Zero brassware collections fits or reflects this design vision?

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A: My signature style is very simple, classic yet timeless. I love symmetry, clean lines and perfect visions. The Crosswater collection I think reflects my style perfectly. The taps are based my principles of sleek and simplicity, which with stand the test of time in any home, they make a beautiful accessory.

Q: What was your starting point when you began the process of designing KH Zero 2 and 3 and was this the same process when designing KH Zero 1? If not, how did it differ?

A: Every design begins the same way, with a vision created from inspiration. I took what I had learnt about KH Zero 1 and built on it creating new shapes, very different visual designs, softer lines and distinctive tap operation.

Q: What is your favourite product, or element of the design, from the KH Zero collections?

A: My favourite element of the design is how it allows you to lift the top of the tap. The fact that is sleek and easily used is also an added bonus. This comes in the KH02 and KH03 Collection.