Glass Design | DAME

The basin has been created to resemble an elegant dress.

09 Jun, 20

Taking its inspiration from the world of fashion, the new DAME free-standing basin – designed by Vincenzo Missanelli for Glass Design – has been created to resemble an elegant dress that surrounds the body in sinuous curves. Its silhouette, characterised by soft voluptuous contours, draws the eye and highlights its shape and beauty.

Glass Design | DAME

In the same way the colour of a dress reflects character and personality, DAME is available in various tones: Jour (white) and Nuit (black); gold-leaf and silver-leaf; and red.

The influence of the world of fashion will be further embodied in Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections which will see DAME launched in limited-edition versions with different colourways to reflect the prevalent trends.

DAME dimensions
Height 900mm
Diameter of basin (top) 450mm
Diameter of basin (floor level) 260mm
Depth of basin 143mm