HiB | Globe Plus

Globe Plus is available in three sizes.

25 Jun, 20

Delivering the very latest tech experience, as well as a relaxed ambience within the comfort of the bathroom, is the ethos behind the design creativity of HiB’s new Globe Plus illuminated mirror.

While colour temperature changing LED illumination functionality ensures that the Globe Plus will set the right bathroom mood, when added to smart phone and Bluetooth device connectivity, it really comes into its own.

Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB, comments: “Globe Plus answers the increasing demand from tech savvy consumers, who now see their bathroom space as just another extension of their highly connected lives. As the intuitive LED illumination feature helps to set the right vibe, its outstanding connectivity for smart devices provide a myriad of tech-related options that only the Globe Plus can provide.”

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Globe Plus is available in the following sizes: H70 by W50 by D6cm, H80 by W60 by D6cm and H60 by W80 by D6cm.

HiB | Globe Plus