HiB | Verve

Verve is available in three sizes.

05 Jun, 20

HiB is adding to its range of illuminated cabinets with a new design-focused piece. The Verve mirrored cabinet is said to be the perfect example of HiB’s progressive approach to bathroom design, with excellent internal storage and a convenient glass shelf.

Verve also comes with colour temperature and de-misting features. The LED lighting can be changed from cool to warm white and anything in between. It also includes an integral wireless phone charger, USB port and two-pin socket to keep all of those everyday essentials fully charged and ready to go.

Ash Chilver, Sales Director at HiB, commented: “Not so long ago, the only types of bathroom cabinet available would have been different variations of a plain white box. As such, HiB is constantly monitoring the market in order to stay ahead when it comes to UK trends, and Verve is a prime example of this.

“In the 30 years we’ve been operating, it has been our mission to make bathrooms beautiful with mirrors and cabinets that act as showstopping centrepieces.”