Indigenous | Copper & White bateau bath

The bath measures 1700 x 750 x 7500mm

06 Oct, 20

A Copper & White bateau is the latest addition to Indigenous‘s freestanding bath collection.

Indigenous - Copper & White bateau bath


It joins the Metal Collection which includes Antique Bronze, Copper & Tin, Nickel, Oxidised Copper and Tin Bath.

Hand polished to create a mirror-like surface, the exterior contrasts with the power-coated white interior, which has a tactile finish

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Measuring 1700 x 750 x 7500, it boasts a long, deep design to maximise the soaking experience.

Not only fashionable, copper is functional for the bathroom area too, as the metal can retain heat.

However, with its own properties, copper is mould and bacteria resistant.

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