Keuco | Royal Modular 2.0

Available in a choice of widths, depths, with or without lighting, and as a recessed or a wall-mounted model

27 Nov, 20

German bathroom furnishings manufacturer Keuco has unveiled the Royal Modular 2.0 mirrored cabinet with intelligent LED lighting.

Keuco | Royal Modular 2.0


It is available in widths from 500mm up to 2100mm, in two heights and two depths, and as a recessed or wall-mounted model.

In addition, the Royal Modular 2.0 Mirrored Cabinet is available with or without the choice of lighting.

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Intelligent LED lighting can be integrated into the top and bottom of the cabinet, and it is adjustable from ‘daylight’ through to a ‘warm white’, to suit a chosen task or time of day.

The cabinet has mirrors on both sides of the doors, features tinted mirror shelves and has white glass at the rear to make the contents easier to see.

Royal Modular 2.0 can be personalised to suit the user, as the interior shelves can be adjusted to cater for heights of different sized bottles and the soft-close doors can be adapted to shut as quickly or slowly as desired.

Completing the features of the mirrored cabinet is a magnifying mirror, which can be attached to the interior shelves, the doors or a wall, power sockets and USB ports to charge mobile devices.

Keuco has recently launched Edition 90, a collection of basins, furniture, mirrors, brassware and accessories.