Kudos expands Connect2 shower tray range

Quadrant and curved corner shower trays add to the collection

07 Oct, 19

Showering surround manufacturer Kudos has extended its Connect2 Shower tray collection to include quadrants and a curved corner shower tray.

Kudos expands Connect2 shower tray range

Connect2 is a slimline shower tray, measuring 35mm in height, that’s been designed to avoid standard joist sizes

Launched last year in 12 sizes, from 800mm square to 1700x800mm, the quadrant tray additions include a 900mm and a 1200 x 900 offset model.

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In addition there is a 910mm and a 1000 x 810 offset full curved corner tray, which have been created to complement the Kudos Original curved corner enclosures.

The Connect2 corner tray features a linear waste design, but is designed to avoid all standard joist sizes  thanks to the  positioning of a unique offset dual waste outlet.

It allows an installer to choose the waste clear from obstruction to plumb in to the high flow waste and trap.

In addition, a  blanking plug is provided to seal the unused waste, so avoiding any need to lift the tray off the floor.

If both waste holes are free from joist obstruction, then both wastes can be connected for even faster water removal.

A re-inforced, magnetically secured waste cover which can be removed for cleaning, sits over the plugs to complete the installation.

The Connect2 range of shower trays are manufactured in high gloss white acrylic capped ABS filled with a structural resin bonded stone for strength.

Each tray comes complete with a high flow waste rated to 35 litres of water per minute and can also be supplied with an optional Kamba anti-slip coating.