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Antigua and Aruba add to the premium collection

22 Sep, 20

Lakes has added two showroom exclusive showering spaces – Antigua and Aruba – to its premium Island Collection.

Lakes | Island Collection extensions


Antigua is made from 8mm glass and is a 2m high slider, with “easy-glide” door, low threshold and solid cast handle.

Aruba shares the same specification but also has a side panel, which can be used for corner settings.

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Both products use PureVue low-iron glass for clarity and AllClear glass coating.

Antigua and Aruba are designed with Lakes Definitions, a range of handle colours with matching profile caps in Rose Gold, Gold, Nickel, Matt Black and Chrome as standard.

Alike all of Lakes showering spaces, Antigua and Aruba are both backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Lakes has recently introduced Safe Working Guides to help get bathroom installation underway in the “new normal”.