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Mirrors and mirrored cabinets | Reflect on this

Sell mirrors and mirrored cabinets as part of a complete bathroom sale, industry experts advise

13 Dec, 22

Sell mirrors and mirrored cabinets as part of a complete bathroom sale, industry experts advise

Mirrors and mirroed cabinets | Reflect on this

The Sound cabinet from HiB features integrated lights, heat pad, speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to stream music, as well as enabling them to charge devices using USB or two-pin sockets


No matter the size or style of project, one thing all bathrooms will have in common is the inclusion of a mirror or mirrored cabinet.

On top of their role to offer image reflection for grooming and to bounce light, they create the illusion of space and can offer valuable storage.

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It’s no surprise, then, PJH has launched a 50-strong collection of bathroom mirrors and mirrored cabinets as part of its Bathrooms to Love brand.

Marketing manager of Harrison Bathrooms Peter Woodward comments: “When you step into a new bathrooms, a mirror is probably the first thing you see so it’s important to factor this into the design.

“Every bathroom needs to have the perfect mirror to create a focal point.”

And there are a wide variety of mirrors which designers can now choose to suit all interior aesthetics. Think round, square, pill-shaped, in a choice of sizes and styles.

Dimitri Pappas from My Furniture advises: “An out of the ordinary mirror can finish off a bathroom design. Rather than just having a straight edged, flat mirror, our Beron and Dipre wall mirrors have choice of metallic finishes and a leather strap.”

Rise of circular

Mereway Bathrooms reports a rectangular, front-lit mirror – Winchester – which can be hung in portrait or landscape is its most popular model.

Mirrors and mirroed cabinets | Reflect on this 1

As part of a three-strong circular mirror range from Utopia Bathrooms, Luma features a frosted, illuminated halo light in natural light


However, its national sales and development manager Ed Norris points out “Circular mirrors are also rising in sales as they provide a soft feel to the room without the hardness of corners.”

Such is the popularity of round mirrors Utopia Bathrooms has added a trio of circular models to its furniture collection.

And Peter Woodward of Harrison Bathrooms points out round mirrors are popular in its Scudo collection. “A circular mirror trends to have more surface area than other shapes which means that it reflects more light naturally around the bathroom.

“Our most popular mirror design, at present, is the Macie 600 LED mirror with demister pad.”

Mirror technology

Certainly. technology plays its part in both mirrors and mirrored cabinet specification.

Mirrors and mirrored

On the icon version of the Duravit XViu mirror, the heating is switched on and off using a symbol on the operating panels. On other models, it is connected to the light


As the bathroom has become more focused on embracing a spa-like ambiance, there is a greater focus on lighting and music.

Heated pads to prevent condensation on mirrored surfaces and tunable lighting from daylight to warm light have become features on mirrors and mirrored cabinets.

Managing director of Duravit UK Martin Carroll states: “Mirrors and any accompanying bathroom lighting need to harmonize with each other, they should be easy to operate and where possible avoid glare and mist.”

And these can be operated by sensors or even smart app controls.

To complement the lighting, selected mirrored cabinet models come complete with music streaming using Bluetooth technology and integrated speakers.

HiB has added to its mirrored cabinet collection with the launch of the Sound Cabinet.

It not only allows users to steam music from connected devices but also provides charging through USB connections and  two pin sockets.

Gaining share

But how can bathroom retailers ensure consumers buy mirrors and mirrored cabinets through bricks and mortar showrooms, rather lifestyle stores or online?

Mirrors and mirroed cabinets | Reflect on this 3

The Beron wall mirror from My Furniture features a brass surround and comes complete with a brown leather strap


Peter Woodward suggests designers should incorporate them into the bathroom project, alongside accessories to create a complete look.

And Ed Norris of Mereway Bathrooms agrees: “Link the mirrors with accessories e.g, rim of mirror to link with taps and handles. These sort of accessory package could help simplify sales.”

The Salience 2022 UK Bathroom Report in July stated the best performing key words were black toilet roll holder with 6,600 monthly searches and black towel rail with 5,400 monthly searches.

And Ed Norris of Mereway Bathrooms adds: “Black framed mirrors are rising in sales to complement black taps and handles.”

So consider the mirror, along with complementary accessories, as part of the overall bathroom aesthetic and sale.