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Most Wanted products from June

CRL Stone, Crown Imperial and Water Baths of Ashbourne are selected as top three picks

08 Jul, 19

Founder of Design by Helium Francesca Quansah picks her three Most Wanted products from our June issue and explains why they have caught her eye

Most Wanted products from June



Isn’t it incredible what we can do with stone these days?

As a designer, I regularly get asked to design kitchens that don’t look like kitchens.

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Thanks to the modern concept of open plan living, people are wanting their kitchens to look less like a scullery and  more like a simple piece of furniture or an architectural statement.

The marble-effect Antonella Quartz from CRL Stone is simple, elegant and minimal; while at the same time makes a strong impact on the space.

Most Wanted products from June 1




Colour has seen a huge comeback in kitchens in 2019 and it’s so exciting to see how it can be used in the bathroom.

Waters Baths of Ashbourne offers such a huge range of colours for its bathtubs, which really gives you the chance to customise and  create their own space.

Personally, I love the warm and  earthy Mediterranean tone of the Red Earth tub.

Most Wanted products from June 2




Ever-popular, the chef’s pantry is the ultimate way for consumers to store and organise dry goods and  crockery all in one place, so it’s great to see this introduction by Crown Imperial.

A double door chef’s pantry is high up on a lot of wish lists that get presented to me, and although it originated in traditional homes it works really well with any style of modern kitchen.

Most Wanted products from June 3


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