Schluter-Systems | Kerdi-Shower-LTS

Preformed shower tray which allows for level entry and low floor build up

20 Oct, 20

Wetroom and tile accessories manufacturer Schluter-Systems has launched the Kerdi-Shower-Lts preformed shower tray, which allows for level entry and low floor build up.

Schluter-Systems | Kerdi-Shower-LTS


It has been launched in response to architects to make it easier for them to deal with floor build up challenges when installing showers and wetrooms.

As per BS EN 538, falls should be between 1:35 and 1:80 and the Kerdi-Shower-Lts has a fall of 1:80.

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It means rather than rising 20mm for every metre gradient, the shower board rises 12.5mm, saving 7.5mm every metre.

The product has also been designed to work with an 18mm thick suspended floor.

As the shower board can be cut to 1m long, it will create level entry to the surrounding floor when used alongside underfloor heating and uncoupling membrance, such as Schulter Ditra-Heat-Duo, which is 7.5mm thick.

According to the company, the shower board offers unifomity and consistency and when paired with Schulter-Kerdi-Line-G3 drain, the low height offering can potentially allow for an extra storey to be created, for high-rise hotels.

The low height “one-size-fits-all” board also gives installers the option to cut-to-size to match project requirements and means distributors only need to stock one product instead of multiple variants.

Head of sales at Schluter-Systems Lee Rowland said: “We have cultivated a strong relationship with architects over the years and we are very much aware of the pain points when dealing with high-rise building projects, particularly in London.

“The need for a product to work in unison with the Kerdi-Line-G3 has been apparent to us from day one. This is just the logical next step to providing simple, low-height solutions which are fully waterproofed.”