Setting a new low standard

08 Apr, 14

Have standard height shower trays become obsolete, as the favoured wetroom look gains popularity? Charlotte Blackburn investigates

Shower trays are without a doubt getting lower as consumers favour a wetroom look, without the difficulty of installation, and with added peace of mind over water security. It’s no surprise then low level trays are fast becoming a staple bathroom product. The most common height for manufacturer sales is 40-45mm, but trays as low as 20mm are also becoming popular. Such is the proliferation of low profile shower tray sales, Fiora and Roman now only have low level trays in their portfolios.

Market moves

Sales of low profile shower trays are supported by their inclusive design, enabling ease of access into and out of the shower. With a ageing population, this barrier-free bathing will only continue to grow. It also means the growing popularity will make the low profile tray more accessible, to become more of a volume sale, perhaps even a standard.

Having, arguably lost its premium price advantage then, how can retailers and designers encourage their client to trade-up in showering surfacing? To differentiate low level trays, creating trade-up opportunities, industry experts suggest retailers must emphasise the range of natural colours, rather than white, which are available in the premium market and showcase the textures available, such as trays that mimic natural stone.

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Diminishing high trays

But while low tray sales increase, there is still a market for high level trays, albeit a ‘diminishing’ one. This is especially apparent at the lower-end of the market. High level trays will also continue to have a market, where installation could prove difficult for low level trays and also among the likes of hoteliers, where bathrooms sustain heavy duty use from multiple occupancy.

The full article appeared in the March issue of Kitchens & Bathrooms News.