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06 Aug, 13

Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design talks about the game-changer, Hansgrohe Raindance shower, which celebrates 10 years

Q: How do you explain Raindance’s 10 years of success?

Tom Sch?nherr (TS): Raindance was instantly understood, you could see the shower pleasure it offered straight away. The name played an important role as well: Raindance. Just the meaning of the world itself gives you a real sense of how the water feels – just like lush summer rain, along with the new Air technology which mixes a certain proportion of air into the water, you could now experience water much more intensely. But, to come back to the success: a product is always successful when people like it – and when it is better than what there was before. With Raindance, we succeeded in creating a new archetype for the hand shower. Because the concept was coherent and easily comprehensible right from the start, we have been able to build on it up to the present time and we can develop it further.