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Upcoming trends in bathroom design

Moosa Adams of 1 Click Bathrooms talks smart bathrooms, AR and water-saving

10 Jan, 19

Moosa Adams, content creator at 1 Click Bathrooms, talks through what consumers can expect in terms of trends in bathroom design.

The bathroom has always been a bold frontier in terms of interior design.

Designers seeking the edge on their competition have always looked for ways to push the boundaries in the bathroom to create striking, statement-making spaces for relaxation, washing and more.

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However, the advent of new technology has meant that there are innovative bathroom design ideas that are making waves in the industry.

The spa experience

A striking bathroom is the epitome of an ‘experiential’ bathroom, where every day washing and cleaning is elevated into an experience to be savoured and enjoyed.

Key to this is the positioning of the bathroom in the home. A generously proportioned bathroom with floor-to-ceiling windows isn’t possible in every home.

But, where it can be done, it certainly should be considered in order to ‘wow’ potential occupiers and residents.

Combining this with high quality, spa-style fittings will round off this opulent bathroom design.

The smart bathroom

Sooner or later, technology will claim every industry and revolutionise it.

This is already happening in the bathroom sector, even though most people’s bathrooms are decidedly low-tech.

Adopting bathroom technology early is a savvy means of future-proofing, and there are plenty of options out there.

Cutting-edge smart bathroom companies are pushing the boundaries when it comes to amenities such as smart toilets and ‘mood taps’.

Mood taps come with a digital display that shows temperature and water flow rate.

Any smart bathroom should also have the ability to connect to the wide array of commercial home automation technologies that are becoming more and more prevalent in the homes of consumers.

Making sure the latest bathroom tech is easily incorporated into the seamless, voice controlled technology, like Amazon Echo and Apple HomeKit, is essential for manufacturers looking to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The AR event horizon

Augmented reality (AR) has the ability to transform the design consultancy stage of a bathroom revamp.

Utilising an AR app, customers will be able to see their new bathroom fitting in the space before buying it – helping to bring an end to buyer’s remorse.

Alongside retail uses, AR can also be sued within the bathroom itself.

Augmented reality mirrors that provide style advice and a visualisation of an outfit are only becoming more advanced with time.

The release of Amazon’s latest Echo Look device proves this is a sector on the up in coming years.

The eco-conscious consumer

We might not like to admit it, but water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource on this planet.

Saving water any way we can will become more and more important in the years to come.

So it follows that low-flow luxury bathroom fittings, such as aerated shower heads, will be more sought after than they already are.

Marquee bathroom brands will seek to be as eco-friendly as they possibly can be, to ensure that customers seeking a low-flow alternative aren’t driven to competitors.