Utopia Bathrooms | New foil finishes

Utopia Bathrooms has announced its major product launch for Spring/Summer 2020.

16 Jun, 20

Utopia Bathrooms has announced its major product launch for Spring/Summer 2020.

Colour and texture are key to this latest launch. Reflecting the vital role colour plays in any environment and particularly in bathrooms, seven new foil finishes are being introduced across several of Utopia’s furniture collections, along with two new colours to extend the palette for the heritage-inspired Roseberry painted timber collection. In addition to the new colours and finishes, there are significant additions and upgrades across several of the collections plus a striking collection of new handles including fabulous matt black options for the first time.

Anticipating trends for both colour and finish, the seven new foil finishes are Azure Blue, Blush, Sea Green, Storm Grey, Silver Fusion, Pewter Fusion and Burnt Copper, all available across the Original Fitted, YOU, iLine, Symmetry and Geo ranges. Silver Fusion and Pewter Fusion have a lightly textured surface appearance giving visual depth to the colours while Burnt Copper has a tactile metallic finish. Four of the new colours – Blush, Sea Green, Azure Blue and Storm Grey – feature a brand new super matt, soft touch foil finish.

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Helen Clark, Head of Marketing, comments: “Innovation is the life blood of our business so we are particularly pleased that our new product development programme lost none of its creative impetus during the lockdown. We’re so proud of our team for delivering a whole world of exciting new products and colours on time and against this challenging background. In a way, it feels more than a product launch, it’s our way of demonstrating that it’s business as usual at Utopia, manufacturing beautiful bathrooms all designed and made here in the UK.”