Valdama unveils Acquerello basins

Two-tone basin with soft lines

21 Jun, 19

Italian bathroom manufacturer Valdama has unveiled the Acquerello wash basin.

Valdama unveils Acquarella basins


It offers a chromatic interplay, as the structure of the basin can come in a differing colour to the interior.

The two-tone model features soft lines and a contrasting basin and Tavolozza drain cover.

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Designers can choose from 11 finishes, spanning gloss and matt white, through to yellow Zolfo, pink Velato and green Laguna.

Established in 2005 by Daniele Vitali, under the artistic direction of Prospero Rasulo, Valdama produces ceramic washbasins and bathroom fittings, such as Cameo.

Aquerello was created by artist and designer Prospero Rasulo.

Having started his career in 1980, Rasulo has collaborated with a number of brands, including Antonio Lupi, Gessi, as well as Valdama.