WIN Hansgrohe Select Shower valve

24 Aug, 15

You could scoop your choice of Select shower valve up to the value of £1,000

Expiry date: 2015-09-30

White glass and chrome is the design language of Hansgrohe’s latest Select shower valves featuring pushbutton technology, which were launched at ISH earlier this year. To celebrate the launch of these premium showering valves, Kitchens & Bathrooms News is offering one lucky reader the chance to win a white glass Select shower valve of their choice, up to the value of £1,000RRP.

The white glass and chrome finish can be found on the concealed ShowerSelect thermostats. These feature up to five functions and users can turn water on and off, as well as activate an overhead and handset by simply pressing a button. The thermostat is also available as a single product for the bathtub or shower.

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And the same finish is also available on the exposed ShowerTablet Select 700, which is wall-mounted, and boasts a 700mm long white glass shelf. According to Hansgrohe, the design of the ShowerTablet Select 700 means for the first time it can be used without a visible shower pipe as the connection is behind the shower control. In addition, the thermostat’s casing is not connected to the water supply, so the shelf temperature is comfortable to the touch.

Inclusively designed, the Select shower controls feature simple serigraphy for intuitive use and the Select buttons protrude so they can be located by touch. Both complement the Most Wanted Award-winning Rainmaker Select range of overhead showers, now also available with a white fascia. They also match all the existing Select hand and overhead showers from Hansgrohe in the white and chrome option. The Rainmaker Select and Select hand and overhead showers are not included in the prize.