Zazzeri | Shiro Skyrain

Made from stainless steel and available in five models

06 Oct, 20

Italian brassware manufacturer Zazzeri has introduced the Skyrain ceiling showerhead as part of its Shiro range.

Zazzeri | Shiro Skyrain

Made from stainless steel, Skyrain is available in a glossy or brushed finish and comes in the choice of a square or rectangular head.

There are five models to choose from, measuring 300 x 300mm, 430 x 430mm, 500 x 500mm, 700 x 400mm and 800 x 800mm.

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Depending on the model size, Skyrain from Zazzeri offers a variety of sprays including rain shower head only, rainfall and waterfall, rainfall and waterfall with spraying option, plus LED lighting.

The models with LED lighting are equipped with a push button panel to control Skyrain’s Chromatherapy functions boasting seven colours.

These coloured lights span white, red, green, blue, yellow, fuchsia and light blue and can be set automatically or selected manually.

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