Kaldera built-in baths from Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert Baths first built-in baths; the Kaldera collection comprises the Kaldera 4,5 and 6 baths and the complementary Kaldera 56 and Kaldera 62 basins.

10 Sep, 19

Victoria + Albert Baths has launched its first range of built-in baths; the Kaldera collection which includes baths and complementary basins.

Each bath is  designed with a single-ended recline of 32° and a rim design which  means the  baths can be dropped in or fitted as undermounted.Kaldera built-in baths from Victoria + Albert Baths

Diamond-cut edging enables installation against tiles, with four adjustable feet to assist with levelling.

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The Kaldera 4 is the most compact and narrowest bath in the range, measuring 1500 x 750mm and is suited for homes where space is at a premium.

Whereas the Kaldera 5 offers a similar aesthetic but is slightly roomier at 1500 x 800mm.

The most generously proportioned bath in the collection is the Kaldera 6, measuring 1650 x 900mm.

The bathtubs can be paired with Kaldera 56 and Kaldera 62 basins to offer a co-ordinated design.

Featuring an internal overflow, the basins feature  flat-cut backs to ease the installation of taps.

As with all the company’s products, the bath and basin collection is made using the brand’s exclusive material, Quarrycast.

It is a  blend of volcanic limestone and resins with several beneficial properties, which the company claims is scratch-resistant, as well as ensures the water retains heat for longer.

The launch of this collection follows Victoria+Albert’s introduction of coloured basins to match its range of baths.