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Candy launches first smart fridge freezer

Smart appliance can manage food expiry dates

10 Dec, 19

Domestic appliance specialist Candy has launched its first fridge freezer to feature smart food management technology.

Candy has launched its first smart freezer


Designed to complement fast-paced lifestyle, the Candy Bell’O fridge freezer uses WiFi connectivity to manage expiry dates on food inside the fridge.

Notifications are sent to the Candy Simply-Fi app to let the customer know when food use-by dates are about to expire.

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In addition, the fridge freezer can also monitor the temperature of drink, with the app notifying the user once they have been cooled to the required level.

Candy has also considered how to maximise the space inside the fridge, with removable and deeper shelves.

Bell’O boasts adjustable door balconies so that users can store larger items and optimise the space to suit themselves.

Completing the features of the fridge freezer is a range of functions so the appliance is eco-friendly.

The Eco Mode sets the fridge and freezer sections to 5C and -18C respectively as, according to Candy, these are the optimum energy-efficient conditions.

It also boasts a Holiday Mode which switches off the fridge section to help save on energy use while the user is away.

Completing its eco features is Super Cooling, which starts an additional pulse action for quickly cooling down the fridge compartment to chill food quickly after shopping.

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