City Chic kitchen introduced by Keller

Keller's City Chic kitchen has been designed to give homes an urban, elegant look

13 Sep, 19

Keller‘s City Chic kitchen has been designed to give homes an urban, elegant look and can be designed flexibility to accommodate any size of family.

The handleless GL2000 model offers a sleek and seamless appearance, creating a harmonious blend between cabinetry, appliances and worktops. City Chic kitchen from Keller

The wood patterned doors have been designed to give the kitchen a warm feel and contrast with  chic black accessories such as sinks, taps and black shelving.

A white marble worktop, has been used here, to bring the whole look together.

In addition homeowners can mix and match the cabinet units from a variety of colours across Keller Kitchens’d Comfort and Master Collections.

The City Chic kitchen  joins the company’s selection of designs including the Chelsea collection that features Tip-on technology, enabling the narrow profiled framework to be handleless.

Founded in 1935 by Gerard Keller, a sales agent for parquet flooring, the company started life as a wooden flooring manufacturer.

In 1946, the company was asked to create kitchens for a construction company who was building homes following the post-war effort.

Keller Kitchens launched into the luxury end of the market in the 1950s and started exporting in 1980 to the UK and the Middle East.

It now has a 56,00sqm factory and makes 2,500 kitchen each week.