Rotpunkt increases height of furniture

Rotpunkt ranges are now available in heights up to 910mm high

28 Feb, 20

Award-winning designer and manufacturer of German kitchen furniture, Rotpunkt has increased the  height of its furniture across its entire range.Rotpunkt increases height of furniture


On average, Europeans are regarded as the tallest people in the world, with the average human height increasing by 3 inches in the past 50 years.

This has had an impact on furniture design and Rotpunkt has introduced furniture measuring 910mm high.

It means the kitchen furniture is 130mm taller, than standard cabinetry, to create a more comfortable working height.

In addition, storage capacity is also increased with up to 26% more cupboard space when compared to standard base units.

The taller kitchen cabinets also meet the trends for slim-line worktops and a choice of differing furniture heights and arrangements in one project.

For instance, the Umbra Marble kitchen concept demonstrates how differing eye lines and a broken-plan layout can be significant in maximising the overall utility of a kitchen.

It has been designed to provide an alternative to the traditional rectangle or peninsula unit, resulting in a multi-purpose kitchen living space.

Alike all kitchen collections manufactured by Rotpunkt, the 910mm height furniture has a zero carbon footprint.