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Kitchen trends for 2019

We take a look at the upcoming kitchen trends for 2019

25 Jan, 19

Ignoring convention, kitchens in 2019 will juxtapose cabinets, materials, colours and technology to create personalised environments.


The most fashion-led kitchens in 2019 won’t be restrained to traditional schemes, with the sea-change furthering the development of the broken plan kitchen and eclectic choice of materials and colours.

Head of UK operations at Rotpunkt UK Matt Phillips explains: “More broken plan furniture schemes are dictating the market and influencing consumer preferences in terms of construction, material, finish and space planning.”

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Kitchen trends for 2019

Rotpunkt – Showcasing the trend for broken plan, asymmetrical kitchens which spurn the traditional kitchen layout is the Zerox kitchen. It reflects the dark and natural trends combining Umbra Marble, Arabica and Natural Oak


It reinforces the continuation of the open and concealed elements in a kitchen, as director of Eggersmann UK Daniel Bowler comments: “Everything needs to be within easy reach and positioned appropriately.

“Items such as pots and pans and cooking ingredients need to be easy to hide away. Kitchen furniture, therefore, has a dual role to play.”

And this dichotomy of design is carried through to styling with minimalist joining country styling, as well as a wider use of deeper colours and natural materials.

Product designer at Pronorm Gerd Meier agrees: “There will be a further move towards a richer design palette with deeper colours, warm metallic, luxurious marbles, natural woods and glass.”


Whether engineered or natural, stone continues to be a key look for the kitchen worktop, from industrial-style concrete through to more classical marble and quartzite.

Managing director of Karonia Andrew Pickup comments: “The influence of nature’s aesthetic textures will continue to drive product development, inspiring existing decors such as Mistral’s new [marble effect] Moonscape.”

Kitchen trends for 2019 1

Cosentino – Inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite, Taga forms part of Dekton by Cosentino’s Stonika Collection. The ultra compact surface is resistant to UV rays, scratches, stains, as well as thermal shock


However, interestingly, surfacing is also playing a greater role in the overall design with Cosentino suggesting ‘waterfall’ worktops or drop edges being a key look.

Marketing manager for Cosentino Laura Davie says: “In 2019, surfacing will play a role in the trend for ‘anti-kitchens’ – spaces that can be easily hidden away or transformed when not in use so as not to impose on a luxurious living area.”

Laminate worktops will continue to compete with the design credibility of quartzes, as commercial director of specialist surfaces at IDS Andy Sutton explains: “Brands such as Fenix NTM, Bushboard’s Evolve and the upcoming Aria range by Formica deliver the ultra-thin look but at more accessible price points.”

Specialist taps

There is no doubt that instant boiling and steaming water taps will continue their charge in sales in 2019.

Sales and marketing director of Reginox Dave Mayer agrees: “At Reginox, sales of hot taps have quadrupled in the last 12 months and we anticipate they will quadruple again across 2019 and 2020 respectively.”

However, experts suggest consumer reaction to plastic waste will also see an upturn in filter water tap sales.

Kitchen trends for 2019 3

InSinkErator – The 4N1 Touch tap offers standard hot and cold as well as filtered steaming and filtered cold water. It provides a constant stream of filtered cold water for 30 seconds at the touch of a button, which can be stopped with a second touch, and comes in Brushed Steel, Polished Chrome or Velvet Black


Marketing communications manager at InSinkErator Anne Kaarlela comments: “Research conducted by the United Nations highlighted that plastic drinking bottles are the second most common single use plastic found in the environment.”

And communications manager for Carron Phoenix Jeanette Ward adds: “I think there’s an opportunity for retailers to promote the multiple benefits of a filter tap in their home, not least eliminating the need to buy bottled water.”


The key trend for kitchen sinks is the undermount which has now become a standard choice and filtered down the market with low profile inset models.

But, arguably, the greatest trend is set to be the continuing challenge to the stainless steel sink by granite models.

Kitchen trends for 2019 2

Franke – The Fresno granite undermount sink in Super Metallic comes in a choice of four colours: Copper Grey (shown), Lunar Grey, Sterling Silver and Copper Gold. It is available with optional accessories like a strainer bowl, wooden chopping board and Rollamat


Managing director of Franke UK Neil Clark explains granites are swapping traditional design “for what we call Super Metallic.

“Being new to the market in 2018, this product has a lot of sales potential. The result is a palette of grey and copper-based tones enriched with pearlescent particles.”


While gas is still the go-to fuel choice, induction will continue to build on its success in 2018 and continue to challenge for hob sales in 2019.

Induction ticks the boxes of cooking at speed and saving energy.

Kitchen trends for 2019 4

Siemens – The Siemens inductionAir EX875LX34E venting cooktop boasts climateControl to monitor steam and odours and automatically adjust the extractor. It features induction zones which adjust to cookware and pots


Category manager of cooking at Whirlpool Dmitry Letsman explains: “A key trend for 2019 is an improved method to allow for quicker cooking, saving more time and energy and contributing to the reduction of household energy bills.”

For consumers reticent to commit to induction, there will be compromises as Adrian Stoneham, managing director of Stoneham, says: “2019 will welcome all-in-one gas and induction hobs, as well as hidden extractor fans.”


Less of an odour or steam remover and now more of an air conditioner, hoods are able to respond and adapt to the changing climate of a kitchen.

Kitchen trends for 2019 5

AirUno – The Mozart downdraft extractor is made from clear glass with a stainless steel frame, which allows sight lines across the space, even in use. Operated by remote control, the 900mm model features double extraction for increased efficiency


Managing director of Franke UK Neil Clark expands on the point: “Hoods can sense what to do with the air by making modifications depending on moisture levels and odours.

“This is as well as sensor lighting that will automatically darken or brighten the lighting levels depending on the surroundings.”

But the trend will continue to be discreet ventilation, as chairman of AirUno Geoff Baker comments: “Downdraft extractors should perform well, along with ceiling hoods which blend effortlessly into any kitchen.”


At the heart of the appliance choice is the oven, and not only do consumers expect their appliances to be stylish with co-ordinating aesthetics, but also provide professional results.

For the oven, this has seen the continuing developments of technologies such as enhanced air circulation, specific pre-set functions and recipes for optimum results, as well as self-cleaning functions for ease of use.

Kitchen trends for 2019 6

Miele – The Miele DGC 6800XL Steam Combination Oven has a wireless food probe to precisely cook meats and offers sous vide technology for “restaurant results.” With the addition of MultiSteam, users can control the temperature and humidity for baking bread


Business director for built-in appliances at Hoover Candy Nick Platt comments: “One of this year’s trends that’s likely to continue throughout 2019 is the increased interest in professional-style appliances. This is particularly the case in cooking.”


With healthy eating and minimising food wastage at the top of the cooling agenda, the fridge, freezers and fridge freezers market will continue to focus on preservation.

At the premium end of the market, inspiration comes from the professional sector with blast chillers and vacuum drawers.

In 2018, Hoover launched its Vogue Premium Collection and product manager at Smeg UK & Ireland Lucy King comments: “Smeg will be launching brand new vacuum drawers – a sous vide drawer and blast chiller – across our Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic collections.”

Kitchen trends for 2019 7

Smeg – Offered across its Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic collections, the vacuum drawer makes food last four times longer on average, according to Smeg. Blast chillers can freeze 3kg of food in 4.5 hours


However, across the board, manufacturers have addressed optimal food preservation.

Head of brand at Hotpoint Jennifer Taylor comments: “Hotpoint has developed a series of refrigeration appliances that feature its Day1 technology to ensure optimal storage of fresh fruit and vegetables using multi-temperature storage zones, technologies that keep bacteria at bay and fast temperature recovery.”


Resource saving and time-saving will remain key for laundry sales, with appliances able to optimise wash programmes for best results in quicker times.

BSH Home Appliances has adopted its i-Dos feature across its ranges, which automatically releases the right amount of detergent and softener, and it introduced sensorFresh to freshen clothes without washing.

Kitchen trends for 2019 8

Hotpoint – ActiveCare washing machines use Active Mousse, Active Drum and Active Load technologies to reportedly remove up to 100 stains. Active Mousse pre-mixes the water with the detergent for quicker fabric penetration, while Active Drum offers 10 motions to treat stains and Active Load senses and monitors water use


Also, the Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machines remove up to 100 stains, while keeping water and energy use to a minimum.

In fact, “programmes and features that make the chore of laundry easier for consumers will be a hot topic in 2019,” explains brand manager of Indesit Sara Bazeley.

Its Innex washing machine features a Push&Wash programme which cleans and removes stains in 45 minutes.


Similarly to washing machines, the focus of dishwashers in 2019 will be to save water and energy and, since they are sited in the kitchen, noise level will grow in concern for kitchen designers.

Category and trade marketing manager for dishwashers at Whirlpool Charles Bernstein says its 6th Sense dishwasher can save up to 50% of energy, water and time.

Kitchen trends for 2019 9

Neff – The N70 S586T60D0G fully integrated dishwasher measures 450mm wide and has a 10-place setting. It uses 9.5 litres of water in its Eco programme, operates at 44dB and features push-to-open DoorOpen Assist


He points out: “Dishwashers with low water consumption are becoming more favourable with consumers, with models that use an average of 10 litres or less per cycle accounting for just over a third of all value sales.”

In addition, Neff has also looked at incorporating the appliance seamlessly into handleless kitchens with its push-to-open DoorOpen Assist.


Although still in its infancy, appliance connectivity is only going to accelerate as manufacturers create App-based technologies to help customers maximise the use of their machines.

Arguably led by laundry, connectivity is available across a raft of appliances.

And it’s no longer restricted to the luxury end of the market, as entry-level Indesit offers an App to complement its Turn&Cook oven.

Kitchen trends for 2019 11

Hoover – The AXI washing machine lets consumers start a programme by talking to the appliance. It can advise on the best wash programmes, provide tips for stain removal and it offers the best time to wash according to weather forecasts. It is available in 9, 10 and 13kg capacity models

Product manager of Smeg Lucy King comments: “2018 saw a rapid increase in the availability of connected appliances within the home and we can’t see this slowing down anytime soon.”

And the company is launching its own connected technology – SmegConnect – in 2019.

Business director of freestanding appliances at Hoover Candy Steve Macdonald adds: “Whether it’s remote control access via Apps on mobile phones or tablets, or Artificial Intelligence that lets users converse with their appliances.

“It’s innovation in this technology, linking up with the growing use of home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, that will allow manufacturers and retailers to push sales.”

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