3-in-1 Tampera unveiled by Blanco

Providing boiling water as well as hot and cold

09 Aug, 19


Blanco has launched the 3-in-1 Tampera Hot tap which offers 100°C boiling water, as well as standard hot and cold water supplies.

Tap Blanco unveils 3-in-1 Tampera

It features a child safe lever, insulated spout and comes with a 4-litre titanium boiler, which keeps the water at high pressure.

For safety, a child-safe lock button must be pressed while simultaneously turning a rotary control knob before boiling water is dispensed.

The knob springs back to the off position, as soon as it is released

The controlled jet of water is then passed through an aerator to reduce any spray.

According to Blanco, the titanium tank is corrosion-resistant and able to withstand the high pressures of 105°C internal temperature so the bacteria and germs are destroyed.

In addition, the 3-in-1 Tampera Hot tap has a BWT five-stage filtration system fitted as standard.

The filter is designed to remove particles, heavy metals, and impurities that affect the taste of the water while reducing limescale.

The system also includes a digital Flowmeter with an interface that displays the filter usage and alerts the user when it is time to change the cartridge and when the batteries need to be changed.

Both the compact boiler and the filter are concealed in the base cabinet saving space, which can also hold a Blanco Select Compact 60/2 waste separation bin.

Once registered with Blanco, the Tampera Hot tap comes with a two-year guarantee and has a customer service, installation and after-sales team.

Simon Hart, Managing Director of Blanco UK, explains, “For the trade customer, we have designed a hot tap which is engineered to be better. We have thought of everything in this ingenious product; providing a really high specification product at a competitive price as standard – not with a long list of expensive optional extras. It’s designed to be easy to sell and really easy to install and use in the home.

”For Blanco a la Carte customers, the Tampera Hot is also available as a sink and tap pack upgrade.

“You can contact your Regional Sales Manager to find out more about the special launch prices, product specifications or the amazing display deals designed to help you put the Tampera Hot into your showroom.”